The Joker's Wild Contest for Humour

The Jokers' Wild Contest for Prose deadline is April 1, 2011.

The winner will receive $100 and publication in our Valley Writers' Newsletter.

Second prize is $75.

Third prize is $50.

Three Honourable Mentions (awarded at the Judge's discretion) $25 each.

Children's Awards:  $50 for 1st

                                        $25 for 2nd

                                        $15 for 3rd

$10 for Honourable Mention

Toonie Contest for January

The topic for the Toonie Contest in January is a conversation you might have with yourself as a teenager could you go back in time knowing what you know now.  You may take part in the Toonie Contest only if you attend the January meeting.  The winner of the contest will be published in the next VWG Newsletter.